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You probably experienced it at other online dating websites, women receiving too many messages, too many men for too few women, too personal questions, the subscription was unstoppable or the price was just too expensive with no result or almost, or too many ads, and so on... to say these problems only... anyway at the end it didn't work for you.

Here you will find a unique concept that enables men and women to find the right balance by choosing the price their "fishes" will have to pay to contact them the first time, among 4 (free, 10€, 30€ or 90€). No subscription will be renewed automatically, all profiles and photos are moderated, at last your photos will never be visible offline or on ads, as you can see on certain famous websites.

You were looking for an "intelligent", ethical & funny online dating website that gives you the choice without discriminating either men or women?

Free online dating website

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 Here everything is really free... if your fishes allow it!

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The online dating forum is open to questions.  -  Other languages available:   Site de rencontres gratuit   Site de rencontres gratuit

There are now 15381 fishes in the aquarium having sent 536925 messages.  Are you ready to fish?

Online dating website

Online dating
Men|tiny fishes9866looking for tiny fishes6800
|small fishes0looking for small fishes2866
9868  (64.1%)|medium fishes2looking for medium fishes199
|big fishes0looking for big fishes3
Women|tiny fishes5513looking for tiny fishes2048
|small fishes0looking for small fishes2946
5513  (35.9%)|medium fishes0looking for medium fishes516
|big fishes0looking for big fishes3

Tiny fishes have a free subscription, small fishes a 10€'s one, medium fishes a 30€'s one and big fishes a 90€'s one for a period of 30 days, but you should also consider 300 days & unlimited packages that are still available at very interesting prices.

Gathering the qualities of a free online dating website (you can use all features without paying anything) and of a pay one (allowing to find the balance between men and women), Grospoisson has also algorithms that avoid the spreading of scams. At last you'll find all statistics on the homepage, efficient moderators and the online dating forum that will answer all your questions.

As you can see it in the statistics above, women will probably do not have ever to pay anything to contact most men but that reflects reality and that's the game... With you, grospoisson is on the way to hustle the online dating tubs!

Free online dating, free chat... sure, but not only

Say stop to fake profiles, now you can help moderators and site's algorithms by blocking suspicious profiles!
Here, when you choose to buy a paying package, it really makes a difference. Have a look at numbers below...

Grospoisson is now one of the numerous sites to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin payments, secure & easy...

Right now you can contact 68.9% of men and 37.1% of women for free.

Need an example? You choose the free package (tiny fish) but you don't want to receive too many messages to make your choice peacefully, you'll select the "small fishes" filter to avoid to be contacted by tiny fishes (but you still can contact all fishes who selected the tiny fishes filter - finally almost everyone).

Another example, the 3417 women looking for small or bigger fishes can be contacted by the 2 men having a package small, medium or big fish.

• You want to contact other members but don't want to be contacted first?
• You prefer to let other members the opportunity to contact you for free?
• You like to chat with several people in real time and for free?
• You don't want your photo to be displayed publicly on the homepage?
• You wanted a website easy to use, reliable and with no discrimination?
• You don't want to see your photo on ads or Google images?
• You don't trust websites that show too many ads on TV?
• You saw fake profiles enough on the other dating websites?
• You look for a website that respect your private life?

Today, exactly 5180 (33.6%) fishes have a photo validated by a moderator.

Many online dating websites announce gigantic numbers (but very exagerated) of members with nice photos on the homepage, here we will not use your photo on the homepage or in ads, no fake members, we will not cheat you! The challenge is tough so do not hesitate to help, tell your friends and on your blogs & forums. The success of the site will be the one of your meetings!

About personal data, here we will never ask even your birthdate (your birthyear only, if you wish), usual questions will be reduced to the minimum.

The site grows quite slowly but surely, avoiding to take risks like many other websites investing gigantic amounts of money in advertisement in a risky market, we don't want to disappear after a few years... Be sure that Grospoisson will last! With small pockets and good intentions one build the most solid communities!

You bought a package? Search Grospoisson coupons to extend it for free. Do not miss those opportunities... Just register and follow the instructions.

So, what kind of fish are you?
New members

Online dating has changed, now meet people under your rules!

This site is dedicated to all people who want to meet someone, to discuss or more, in the real life or not, singles or not, whatever your age and sensibility. We try to make this service simple and easy to use, live chat and mail messages are gathered in one feature only... Still you can make suggestions in the forum.

You want to know more on Grospoisson's members? For example among registered women 77.6% are looking for a relationship, 7.8% just want to meet someone, 14% don't know or didn't answered to the question, at last (nothing surprising) 0.4% don't want to meet anyone at this moment. Among men, 36% are looking for a relationship, 26.2% just want to meet someone, 37% don't know or didn't answered the question, at last 0.6% don't want to meet anyone right now.

For more transparency, currently 327 (3.3%) men and 1029 (18.6%) women have a dubious profile according to the site's algorithms and the members, you can see a warning on their profile and they don't appear on the main search lists as they are possibly scammers from other countries.

Also 1424 (14.4%) men & 871 (15.7%) women never used the site after registering, 4340 (43.9%) men & 2523 (45.7%) women used the site only one day after registering, among accounts older than 10 days. We work to reduce these numbers, these are not fake profiles (the website does not create any profile automatically), but accounts of people not interested so much and who are placed at the end of the search lists.

Today 0 fishes, actually 0 (0%) men and 0 (0%) women connected to Grospoisson, 0 men and 0 women are still online right now.

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Tips: Always prefer a public place for a first meeting.

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